Staying in Hospital

Dr Drielsma of Sydney Cosmetic Plastic Surgery operates at several private hospitals in Sydney. We also have an office based surgical theatre for procedures performed under local anaesthetic.

Hospitals commonly used include

  • East Sydney Private Hospital Woolloomooloo
  • Prince of Wales Private Hospital, Randwick
  • St Lukes Private Hospital, Potts Point
  • Bondi Private Hospital
  • Waratah Private Hospital Hurstville

Once you have scheduled your surgery you will be provided with an admissions package which includes:

  • The forms you need to complete to finalise your booking
  • Information on how to prepare for your hospital stay
  • Information about your hospital account
  • Admission time
  • Fasting instructions

After settling into hospital you will be visited by your anaesthetist who will ask you about your medical history and will prepare you for surgery.

Dr Drielsma will see you prior to your procedure. Some marking up or drawing on you may be involved prior to you surgery. This process is unlikely to hold any surprises as you will be well informed prior to your surgery.

After your operation is over you will be taken to the recovery area for about an hour to be monitored following your anaesthetic. You will then be transferred to the ward environment prior to discharge if you are a day patient, or for your hospital stay if you are an overnight admission. The type of operation you have and the time it takes you to recover from the anaesthetic determines the length of stay in hospital.

Before you leave the hospital you will be provided with post operative care instructions and details regarding your follow up appointments with Dr Drielsma.