An exciting new era in face and browlifting has evolved in recent years. The development of modern surgical techniques has seen the introduction of high tech endoscopic "key hole" procedures. By using small incisions and utilising a telescope, browlifts and facelifts can now be done without scarring on the face.

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As we age, the forehead and brows may sag as do lower facial tissues. Frown lines also appear due to the action of underlying forehead muscles. These factors lead to a heavy and tired look to the forehead and upper eyelids. Browlifting is aimed at lifting the tissues of the brow and forehead and smoothing frown lines. This gives a brighter, younger look not only to the forehead but also the eyes. Conventional open browlifting has meant that in the past patients needed to accept a long scar across the upper forehead hairline or over the top of the head. Patients were reluctant to accept these scars and using endoscopic techniques browlifting has now become a more widely tolerated procedure. Surgery time is reduced, there are no scars on the face and post-operative pain and recovery is dramatically reduced with patients usually returning to normal activities within 7-10 days.

Endoscopic browlift is the most common endoscopic cosmetic procedure performed around the world today. Through small "keyhole" incisions behind the forehead hairline, a small telescope is inserted and used to guide the surgeon in lifting the tissues of the forehead and brow. At the same time, the small muscles of the forehead responsible for causing frown lines are weakened so that these lines are smoothed or disappear.

In the case of patients seeking eyelid rejuvenation (blepharoplasty) the effect of the brow on the upper eyelids needs to be considered. Heavy or sagging eyebrows may give the appearance of drooping upper eyelids and tiredness. This may best be treated by browlift either alone or in conjunction with upper lid blepharoplasty rather than by blepharoplasty alone. Patients report having a brighter, alert and more youthful appearance.

Endoscopic browlift is usually performed as a day stay procedure under general anaesthetic or twilight sedation. Endoscopic browlift can be combined with facelifting and blepharoplasty.