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Calf Implants increase the size and give definition to the shape of the leg muscles.  A shapely leg is considered attractive and desirable.  The well formed shaped calf forms well defined curvatures inside and out due to development of the calf muscles, particularly the gastrocnemius muscles.  The gastrocnemius muscles  have two parts, a medial head on the inside of the calf which is the largest and most developed, and a smaller lateral head on the outside of the calf which is smaller but still gives a defined curvature to the outside of the leg.

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In some individuals, due to lack of development or just natural lack of definition of the gastroc muscles, the lower leg can appear skinny and undefined. Even exercise in attempt to build up these muscles may not achieve the desired definition in many instances. To attain an attractive leg appearance, calf implants can be used to augment the gastrocnemius muscles.

Calf implants are made of solid silicone blocks and are firm in nature to give the toned feel of a muscle.  This is unlike say a breast implant where we are trying to get a soft feel result.  Calf implants are inserted via small incisions at the back of the knee and can be single implants where only the medial gastrocnemius muscle belly is augmented, or double implants where the medial and lateral gastrocnemius muscle bellies are augmented.  Usually both legs are augmented but it is possible to do just one side in cases of asymmetry.

The surgery is done under a general anaesthetic on a day stay basis and takes around one and half hours in surgery.  Recovery is around one week and restriction in strenuous or sporting activity is required for about 6 weeks.