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Beautifying the face at any age can be effectively achieved using a combination of fillers to the face along with Botulinum toxin injections.  As the face ages, loss of volume to the facial tissue layers leads to relative laxity and sagging of the cheeks, lower and upper eyelids, brow and temple areas.  Ideally the face has an oval appearance with fullness of the  upper cheek, upper outer eyelid and temporal areas.

Facelifting techniques most adequately address skin laxity  issues but re-voluminisation injectable procedures combined with botulinum toxin can dramatically  improve the facial aesthetic.  Using refined injection techniques, the cheeks, lower eyelid tear trough, upper eyelid and temporal area, chin and jawline area can be enhanced with hyaluronic acid filler.  In addition, toxin treatment to reduce jaw width and treat forehead,frown and crows feet lines can be used.  This “liquid facelift” treatment is an effective non surgical option for those who are not yet ready to consider more radical surgical options.