Cheek Dimple Creation Surgery


If you have always longed for beautiful, natural dimples then dimpleplasty with Dr Drielsma may be the answer you have been looking for.
Dimpleplasty, more commonly know as cheek dimple creation, is a minimally invasive procedure performed under a local anaesthetic designed to recreate dimples on your cheeks.
Dr Drielsma creates a dimple by placing a small stitch inside your cheek.  When the stitch is tied, it causes a dimple by pulling the cheek dermis to the underlying cheek muscle.  Together with Dr Drielsma you choose the exact location of your new dimple. 
Cheek dimple creation is performed in our office based operating suite and you can head home straight after the procedure.  There is very little down time after dimple creation.  You may experience some localised swelling and bruising for a few days but this will disappear.  You new dimples will appear quite exaggerated to being with and they will be visible without smiling.  Within a few days to a few weeks though your dimples will have softened and they will become more natural and dynamic – which means they will appear just like a natural dimple.
You can choose to have dimples created by Dr Drielsma on both cheeks or on just one cheek. 

Cheek Dimple Creation before and after

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