Brow-lift Surgery

What is a browlift?

Our brows and eyes are one of the most prominent areas of our face and also one of the first areas to show the signs of ageing.  As we age, the forehead and brows can sag and frown and forehead lines appear, making us look tired and heavy set across the brows.
A brow lift with Dr Drielsma can transform the appearance of your face by correcting your sagging forehead, eyebrows and even upper eyelids to make you look fresh, younger and more youthful.

Endoscopic Browlift Sydney


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A brow lift  with Dr Drielsma can:
correct a sagging forehead
elevate your brows
remove lines and wrinkles across the forehead
improve frown lines
make you eyes appear more open
Dr Drielsma uses the latest surgical techniques during your brow lift surgery to help rejuvenate your brow and forehead.  The endoscopic brow lift is the most effective minimally invasive method with very little downtime.  The aim is to create a natural, rested appearance.  Its common for Dr Drielsma’s brow lift patients to receive comments about how well rested they appear or whether or not they have been on a holiday.
During the brow lift procedure, Dr Drielsma makes small incisions, hidden in the hair line.  A tiny endoscopic tool is then used to guide Dr Drielsma while he tightens the underlying muscles and eliminates excess or sagging skin.
With this approach, there are no visible scars on the face and post operative pain and recovery is minimal. 
Brow lift surgery can be performed on its own but is commonly combined with eye lift surgery or as part of facelift surgery.


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