Blepharoplasty – eyelift

Eyelift Surgery

Our eyes are often the very first thing others notice.  Tired, droopy eyelids make be making you appear much older than you really are.  People may always tell you that you look tired even when your don’t feel tired.  Blepharoplasty, or eyelift surgery with Dr Drielsma is one of the most effective ways to transform tired eyes and unveil a more refreshed, natural appearance.  Eyelift surgery is one of the simplest ways to reverse the signs of ageing on your face.

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As we age, the upper and lower eyes can develop loose, sagging skin which is prone to wrinkles.  This can occur as part of the natural begin process, genetics or sun damage.
Eyelift surgery with Dr Drielsma can:
reduce excess skin and fat on your upper eyes
reduce excess skin and fat under your eyes
eliminate “hooded” eyes
diminish under eye wrinkles
Upper eyelid surgery:
During upper eyelid surgery Dr Drielsma makes a tiny incision hidden within the natural creases of the eye before removing the excess skin and fat.  The underlying fat is then sculpted into position to achieve a natural contour.
Lower lid surgery
During lower eyelid surgery, Dr Drielsma usually makes an incision along the inside of the eyelid to ensure its hidden.  Excess fat tissue and skin is carefully removed before being the fat and skin is sculpted and re-draped to create smooth under eye contour.
Swelling and bruising is normal and can take a few weeks to subside before revealing naturally youthful eyes.
Eyelid surgery can be performed on just the upper or lower eyes, on both upper and lower eyes and in combination with other facial rejuvenation techniques such as brow lift surgery or facelift.

Asian Eyelids

For many asian’s, the upper eyelid lacks the “double eyelid” fold or crease.  Rounding or occidentalisation of the asian eyelid involves surgically creating a crease or fold of the upper eyelid.  This is a day procedure and while can be done either under local or general anaesthetic.  This procedure with Dr Drielsma will help you achieve a natural result and make your eyes look refreshed.