Tuberous Breast Deformity

The tuberous breast is an uncommon development deformity of breast shape.  It is characterised by a pointy, narrow breast with a small narrow base and expanded areolar.  The areolar deformity is due to breast tissue which has “herniated” or grown into the nipple.  The condition is often asymmetric with differences in breast size and severity of the deformity from side to side.

The tuberous breast gives quite an un-attractive look and understandably those affected with this type of breast deformity are highly motivated to have it corrected.


Many operations attempting to correct the tuberous breast deformity have been described.  On the basis that the main abnormality of the condition is actually herniation of breast tissue into the nipple, most around the world recommend a doughnut or peri-areolar breast tightening to return breast tissue back into the breast as well as reducing size and projection of the nipple.  This is usually combined with breast augmentation using a low profile round breast implant to broaden the base width of the breast as well increase size.  Dr Drielsma prefers this technique to correct the tuberous breast deformity.  The correction results in an attractive natural breast by :

  • flattening the pointy breast
  • nipple size and puffiness reduction,  and reduced nipple projection,
  • broadening of the breast base
  • increase in breast size

The operation takes around 2 to 3 hours and usually involves an overnight stay in hospital.  Medicare item numbers may apply meaning that it is possible private health funds will cover hospital costs and costs of implants.