Replacement of Breast Implants

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Breast Implants / Replacement of Breast Implants / Dr Drielsma / Sydney

Breast implant revision surgery typically involves the removal and replacement of breast implants.

There are many reasons why patients consider breast revision surgery including:

Wanting bigger implants

Capsular contracture or scarring around implants

Implant rupture or leak

Displacement of implant causing breast distortion

Rippling of implants

Slippage of implants to low position

Breast sag or droop off implants

Loss of volume or shape after pregnancy or weight loss

Original breast augmentation surgery was not satisfactory

View before and after photos


Removal and replacement of breast implants is performed under a general anaesthetic and usually involves a nights stay in hospital.  There are several different surgical techniques and approaches depending on the reason for breast implant removal and the goals of surgery.

If your breasts have sagged over time, its possible you will require a lift in combination with removal and replacement of implants.

At your consultation, Dr Drielsma will discuss your concerns and options for surgery before developing a tailored plan to help you achieve your goals.


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