Nipple Surgery

Concerns regarding the shape and size of the nipple-areolar complex can occur.

  • Overly large or long projecting nipples may be reduced surgically by removing a donut of nipple tissue around its base.  The procedure can be done in the office under local anaesthetic.  Scarring is minimal and breast feeding unlikely to be disturbed.
  • Over sized, stretched or unevenly shaped areolas can be surgically reshaped and reduced by removing a donut shaped piece of skin/areolar around the nipple.  Again the procedure can be done under local anaesthetic as an office based procedure.

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Inverted Nipples

Inverted nipples are not that uncommon.  Usually the condition is not fixed and due to contractile activity of the breast milk ducts.  In these usual cases, the nipples can be manually everted.
It is less common that the nipple inversion will be fixed such that manual eversion is not possible.  This situation is due to the milk ducts under the nipple being short and tight and so tethering the nipple inwards.

Nipple surgery (surgical eversion) will usually require release of the tethered breast milk ducts to be successful long term.  As a consequence of this, the ability to breast feed is likely to be affected.  Small incisions are made at the base of the nipple and the ductules released.  A stitch is then run around the base of the nipple to ensure the everted nipple is maintained while healing tissue forms.

The operation can be done under local anaesthetic as an office based procedure.