Breast Reduction

What is a breast reduction

Breast reduction surgery with Dr Drielsma is one of the most life changing procedures.  Large breasts can be both embarrassing and limiting.

Women who undergo breast reduction with Dr Drielsma experience life changing benefits after surgery.  Relief from the symptoms of neck, shoulder and back pain associated with large breasts are among the many benefits enjoyed by women after breast reduction surgery.

Breast Reduction

Before and After Photos


Breast reduction surgery with Dr Drielsma will:

reduce your breast size
improve the shape and size of your breasts
enhance your body shape by bringing your breasts into proportion with your body
eliminate neck, back and shoulder pain
alleviate skin irritation and rashes caused by large breasts
improve your self esteem
allow you to participate in a wider range of activities
Breast reduction with Dr Drielsma takes around three hours to complete under a general anaesthetic.  There are several different surgical approaches to breast reduction but DR Drielsma favours the “lollipop” technique for its minimal scarring and superior natural breast shape.  During the procedure, Dr Drielsma removes excess breast tissue and reshapes your breasts to create smaller, lifted, naturally shaped breasts.
Women of all ages undergo breast reduction surgery with Dr Drielsma.  Breast reduction surgery can be performed on its own or combined with other procedures such as a mummy makeover or liposuction.