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Breast Lift with Implants:  Breast Mastopexy or lift is an aesthetic (cosmetic) surgical procedure aimed at lifting and reshaping sagging breasts to a rejuvenated shape and contour.

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This procedure is indicated if the breasts are sagging or drooping or have lost their shape.  Breasts may also have lost fullness of their upper poles. You may have noticed this drooping or “ptosis” with time or following breast feeding, loss of weight, or with ageing.  Mastopexy lifts and re-suspends the breasts and helps improve your overall appearance and self-esteem. Breast lifting or Mastopexy will result in a small decrease in breast size. When the desired outcome is to preserve existing breast size or indeed increase breast size, the addition of breast implants will also be required.  The procedure is done performed using the “lollipop” short scar technique.  This results in a stitch line  around the nipple and vertically down the lower pole of the breast.  This modern way of doing a breast lift means there is no scar running under the breast as was the case with the traditional “anchor scar” techniques.

It is not uncommon to seek a breast enlargement and be advised at the time of consultation that a skin tightening or lifting as well as an implant will be needed to achieve the desirable result.  This advice is important as having an implant alone when a lift is indicated will give a very poor aesthetic outcome.  The implant used is usually round and placed under the muscle.  Use of an implant results in a fuller, better shaped breast enhanced upper pole fullness.