Breast Augmentation Information

Modern Breast Augmentation is about state of the art breast prostheses and latest developments of implant insertion to minimise hospitalisation and post operative recovery. Breast augmentation is also about choices – choices of implant and choice of approach to implant insertion.

Two basic types of implant are available in Australia today. The old oily Silicone gel implant that had a runny consistency and was associated with excess scarring of the breast is no longer available for use in Australia. The available implants today are saline filled and cohesive gel filled implants. Both implants are available in anatomical (tear drop shaped) or rounded implants.

Saline implants are very safe and well tolerated. Deflation is, however, a potential problem with the saline filled implant and if this occurs, removal and replacement of the implant may be necessary. Saline implants may also tend to be relatively under filled in their upper part and be subject to a rippling effect at their upper aspect. Insertion of saline implants can be done via a smaller incision (or cut) than with other implants.

Cohesive Gel implants consist of a firmer type of silicone gel that resembles Turkish delight in consistency. Because this gel is not “runny” or liquid in property, its use in breast implants has essentially solved the leakage problems associated with breast implants. Cohesive gel implants are also available in anatomical (tear drop) or rounded shape. Cohesive gel implants give excellent aesthetic results and are the most popular implants used in Australia and around the world.

Anatomical (tear drop) shaped implants offer the smaller breasted woman very natural breast shape. These implants maintain their shape in the standing or vertical position and so give excellent upper breast pole fullness. Newer refined anatomical shapes are now available with high (thicker) and low profile, narrow and wide base types. These can be tailored to the individual shape of the patient undergoing augmentation to further improve results. During consultation Dr Drielsma helps you decide which implant is best for you. It is helpful to examine and feel the various implants available before deciding on which type you would prefer.

Breast implants can be inserted via various approaches. The infra-mammary (under the breast) approach is the most common and popular and allows the surgeon maximal control of placement of the implant. Other approaches include circumareolar (via the nipple) and axillary (via the armpit). These approaches can prove more difficult with less control though they are still used in suitable situations. Trans- abdominal (via the belly button) is both difficult, associated with higher complications and leads to inferior results. Most qualified surgeons would either not offer this approach or strongly discourage it.

Modern breast implants are usually placed under the breast tissue and on top or outside the muscle of the chest. Some patients are unsuitable for this placement if they lack sufficient breast and skin fat to adequately cover an implant and will need their implants placed sub pectoral or under the muscle.

Breast augmentation today is a relatively straight forward procedure, done on a day surgery basis meaning you don’t need to be admitted overnight in a hospital. The surgery can be done either under “twilight sedation” or general anaesthetic. It takes around an hour and a half of surgery. There are no stitches to be removed, no need for drains, taping or bandaging after the operation and you can go home on the same day in a crop top or sports-bra. Some discomfort lasts 2 to 4 days but can be controlled with simple pain tablets. In general return to work can occur well within one week.

Results are very reliable and satisfying. The experience of Breast augmentation proves a very positive one in almost all women, increasing self esteem and confidence.

In terms of timing with children, many patients undergo augmentation quite early in life, not knowing when or if they will ever have children. Breast feeding is usually no problem with implants. Breasts will undergo changes of pregnancy and breast feeding and it is possible that following having your family, some surgical revision to your breasts may be desirable, whether or not you have had implants earlier in life. In general, most women are after a change at this point in their life and proceed with breast augmentation, being aware that if they have children later in life, some form of revisional surgery may be sought in a small percentage of cases.


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