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Breast augmentation with Dr Drielsma is one of the most commonly requested procedures – and with good reason.  Breast augmentation can dramatically boost your self esteem and help you feel more confident and in proportion.   There are many reasons women choose to have breast augmentation surgery, including:

increase breast size
restore lost volume
achieve a more balanced figure
address asymmetry 
address undeveloped breasts.  
Whatever your reason for seeking breast augmentation, Dr Drielsma can help you achieve your goals.
During your consultation with Dr Drielsma, you will learn all about the procedure. You will discuss the different brands, types, sizes and shapes of implants that are available.  Together with Dr Drielsma, you will develop a tailored approach to breast augmentation based on your individual body type, lifestyle and goals.  You will have the opportunity to touch and feel the implants and “try on” the implants to gain an insight into the results you could with breast augmentation.  You will also look at many before and after photographs of patients with a similar body type to understand what results you can expect to achieve.
The procedure
Breast augmentation takes around 1.5 hours to complete under a general anaesthetic.  Its a day surgery procedure so you will be able to return home the same day, around three hours or so after your procedure.  Dr Drielsma uses the latest surgical approach and minimal scarring techniques.  Dissolvable sutures are used so there is no need to remove stitches after your surgery and scars are typically very small and well concealed.
The recovery
Every patient recovers from surgery at their own pace but you can expect to be on your feet and feeling well quickly.  Dr Drielsma will provide you with post operative guidelines to ensure you have a smooth recovery and to support you during your post operative recovery period. 
Dr Drielsma has more than 20 years experience and has performed hundreds of breast augmentation procedures.  He uses the latest advancements in surgery to offer you natural, reliable results and exceptional care.
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See Before and after Photos


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