So you have had your kids – congratulations and well done.  Now that your children are growing rapidly, you have time to look at the effects pregnancy and breast feeding have had on your body.  Plastic surgery has become increasingly popular as a means of much needed rejuvenation. The mummy makeover combines a number of procedures to help you get the look you want.

Young mothers make particularly good plastic surgery patients because they are generally healthy and highly motivated people. You have experienced unwanted changes in their body after pregnancy that cannot be corrected with diet and exercise alone. With so much of their lives focused on their children and spouses, the opportunity to focus on yourself by improving your physique and self-image can be an empowering experience.

Mummy Makeover

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Breast surgery is one of the most frequently requested procedures by young mothers. During pregnancy, women’s breasts enlarge due to production of breast milk. Once milk production ceases, women’s breasts tend to shrink, often to a size smaller than existed prior to pregnancy. The shape of the breast changes as well, frequently resulting in breasts that are smaller and less perky than before pregnancy. Lifting the breasts back to their original, youthful position by reducing the breast skin envelope and tightening the breast lifts the breast to its youthful position and returns a perky, fuller upper breast.   For those patients who wish to increase their breast volume beyond what they have, a small breast implant in conjunction with a lift creates a dramatic improvement in breast size and shape.  see breast lift

Liposuction is another very popular procedure for women after pregnancy. In the years after childbirth, many women have an undesirable redistribution of fat to the hips, back, abdomen and thighs. This can result in the loss of the youthful figure they had before pregnancy, and may not improve significantly despite diet and exercise. By sculpting these undesirable collections of fat with Power-Assisted Liposuction technology, it is possible to shave years (and inches) off their figures.

Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) is a highly requested procedure that provides a dramatic tightening and shaping of the waistline. After pregnancy, the skin, muscle, and connective tissue of the abdomen may be stretched beyond their ability to return to normal. Loose skin, stretch marks and a bulging lower abdomen are frequently the results of this situation, and no amount of sit-ups will correct these unwanted changes. In these cases, an abdominoplasty may be needed to remove excess skin and stretch marks, and tighten the connective tissue and muscles to their pre-pregnancy contours.

These procedures can be undertaken either alone or in combination.