Liposuction Surgery

What is liposuction?

This a body contouring procedure. Ideally, the areas of contour bulges should be well localised. Diffuse fatty areas are not well served by this technique. It is important to stress that this technique is in no way a substitute for weight loss or exercise.

Tumescent liposculpture hips, inner and outer thighs and Butt crease

Areas that can be improved by liposuction are:

  • waist area;
  • buttocks
  • outer thighs;
  • inner thighs;
  • knees, calves and ankles; and
  • post-surgical or post-traumatic fat deposits
  • face (chin and neck)
  • breast enlargement in men;

With liposuction alone the skin is not tightened surgically. Therefore, it is best suited for people who are in good physical shape and have ‘youthful’ skin qualities. There are specific cases in which excess skin may be present following this procedure and surgical removal of the skin may be necessary to achieve a good cosmetic result.

How is the procedure performed?

Dr Drielsma uses the new SAFE Liposuction technique.  This stands for Separation: Aspiration: Fat Equalisation.  After tumescent or wet injection, the fat is separated or freed up using power assisted cannulas.  Aspiration (or sucking out) of fat is then undertaken.  Following this, fat equalisation is performed whereby freed fat cells are evenly distributed around the suctioned area to minimise and avoid ripples, dimples and imperfections.  This approach marks a significant advance in liposuction technique.

Surgery is usually done on a day stay basis.