Inner Thigh Lift

What is an inner thigh lift?

Thigh lift surgery with Dr Drielsma can improve the shape, contour and tone of your inner thighs.  This popular body contouring procedure is ideal for people who have excess, loose or sagging skin of the inner thighs.  
Thighs can become saggy due to the affects of ageing but is most commonly seen in men and women who have experienced fluctuations in weight or large weight reduction. 

2. Inner thigh lift
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Thigh lift surgery with Dr Drielsma will:
improve sagging skin on your inner thighs
remove excess, loose skin on your inner thighs
improve the shape and contour of your thighs
If you have loose and sagging inner thigh skin than thigh lift surgery is the most effective way to tighten the skin.  
During thigh lift surgery, Dr Drielsma makes an incision from your groin to your knee and removes and tightens excess skin.  A combination of thigh lifting and liposuction is often the best option to remove stubborn pockets of excess fat and achieve a contoured result.
The procedure is performed under a general anaesthetic and usually involves a night in hospital.   
If you have small stubborn pockets of fat, such as bulges of the upper, inner thighs, than liposuction may be ideal for you.  
The only effective way to deal with loose and sagging excess skin of the thighs is with thigh lift surgery.  
With more than 20 years experience in body contouring procedures, thigh lift surgery with Dr Drielsma offers your reliable results.