What is a body lift?

Body lift surgery is fast becoming one of the most popular procedures performed by Dr Drielsma at Canberra Cosmetic Surgery due to healthy lifestyle trends and weight loss surgery such as gastric banding which results in massive weight loss.

Dr Drielsma has more than 20 years experience in body contouring procedures and specialises in body lift surgery after massive weight loss. He is a Specialist Consultation at the Sydney Institute for Obesity Surgery (SIOS) and has worked together with many patients through their weight loss journey and life transforming surgery.

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Before and After Photos


One of the downsides people experience to massive weight reduction is the excess skin that remains – which doesn’t respond to diet or exercise.  The skin simply cannot “shrink” back after the weight loss.  This leaves many people feeling self conscious and unable to really enjoy the benefits of their weight loss.
Body lift surgery with Dr Drielsma can help you:
remove excess skin 
tighten excess skin
remove pockets of fat
contour the body to recreate a more balance physique
tighten abdominal muscles
tighten your lateral thighs and buttocks
Body lift surgery is quite a large procedure which takes around six to eight hours to complete under a general anaesthetic.  You will stay in hospital a few days but you are back on your feet very quickly.  Body lift surgery is an extensive of a tummy tuck.  Put simply, a incision is made all the way around the body and excess skin is removed and tightened.  Scars are hidden below your underwear line.
Body lift surgery can be combined on its own but its often the first step in a total body rejuvenation with others areas of the body such as breasts and arms targeted as a secondary step to body lifting.
Body lift surgery with Dr Drielsma is the most effective way of dealing with excess skin after weight loss and for those willing to invest in the procedure the results are life transforming.