Arm Lift

What is an Arm lift?

The upper arms can be one of the most challenging areas of the body to tone.  Our upper arms are prone to sagging due to poor skin tone and quality and fluctuations in body weight and many people find that despite intense targeted exercises, the arms just don’t regain their taut appearance. The arm lift restores tone and shape to the saggy arm.

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Brachioplasty, more commonly known as arm lift surgery, tightens and reshapes the upper arms by removing excess fat and skin to reveal firmer upper arms that make you feel more confident about showing off.  Brachioplasty surgery with Dr Drielsma is the most effective way to deal with unsightly upper arms that just won’t respond to exercise.
Dr Drielsma performs brachioplasty surgery by making an incision under the armpit down to the elbow, removing and tightening excess skin.  Scars are well concealed under the arms and fade dramatically over the 12 month scar maturation phase with the use of highly effective scar reduction gels.  
A combination of brachioplasty with liposuction, to remove excess fat, usually achieves the best aesthetic results.
Brachioplasty surgery takes around 2.5 hours under a general anaesthetic and you can usually head home the same day.  
Many people are hopeful that the appearance of flabby upper arms can be improved by liposuction alone.  Unfortunately very few people are suitable for liposuction alone on their upper arms.  As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and ability to “shrink” back into shape.  Removal of excess fat with liposuction “deflates” the upper arms leaving you with unsightly loose skin.
The results of brachioplasty with Dr Drielsma are visible straight away and continue improve over several months after surgery.  Shapely, toned, more youthful upper arms can be achieved with an arm lift by Dr Drielsma.