Tummy Tuck

What is a Tummy Tuck?

Abdominoplasty is more commonly know as tummy tuck surgery.  A highly effective procedure to help you achieve a flat, contoured tummy after pregnancy or weight loss.

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Tummy tuck surgery can help you:
remove excess skin stretched after pregnancy
remove excess skin after weight reduction
remove excess skin after weight management surgery such lap banding
tighten your abdominal wall
remove excess fat
flatten your stomach
reduce stretch marks
improve the contour of your tummy and thighs with a combination of liposuction
You are an ideal candidate for tummy tuck surgery if you have loose tummy skin or fat that has not responded to diet and exercise.  A tummy tuck can help relieve the symptoms of excess skin such as discomfort, rashes and skin folds.  If your abdominal wall was stretched during pregnancy, a tummy tuck can relieve lower back pain associated with a loose abdominal wall and remove the appearance of the “mum tum” or pouch that can appear after pregnancy.
Tummy tuck surgery is also suitable for men who have excess skin and fat around the tummy region.
Tummy tuck surgery is not a weight loss procedure.  You can only achieve the best results if you are at your ideal weight and have held it steady for around three months or so. 

Tummy tuck surgery is often combined with liposuction of the hips and thighs to further enhance the results achieved by the tummy tuck.  Tummy tuck is also one element of the mummy makeover procedure to help you regain your pre pregnancy body and restore your confidence. 

Tummy tuck surgery takes around three hours to complete under a general anaesthetic.  Dr Drielsma makes an incision in the lower tummy and excess skin and fat are removed before the skin of the upper tummy is stretched down and stitched closed.  Abdominal muscles are tightened by simply stitching them back together. The scar is placed around the same location as a cesarian scar and Dr Drielsma uses the latest surgical techniques to help ensure scars are well concealed and as small as possible.

At your consultation, Dr Drielsma will assess your suitability for tummy tuck surgery and discuss all the surgical options available to help you achieve your goals of a flat tummy. 

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