Canberra Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Renowned Plastic Surgeon Dr Drielsma of Canberra Cosmetic Surgery has been the leader in delivery of quality plastic and cosmetic surgery in Canberra and Southern NSW since 1997. Dr Drielsma’s consults and offers injectable treatments regularly in Canberra.  Consults are conducted at the Canberra Surgicentre, Braddon and injectable treatments at Erica’s Aesthetics, Kingston.

If you are considering cosmetic surgery, you can benefit from the reliability and peace of mind offered by Dr Drielsma’s expertise and results delivered in the safest possible environment.
To find how Dr Drielsma can help you take a detailed look through our website and talk to our experienced staff on 1800 180777.

Dr Drielsma will next be in Canberra for injectable treatments and consults on Tuesday 13th September 2016.